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The best gardeners of Irkutsk Oblast were awarded in the "Sibexpocenter"

"Vegetable garden. Garden. Garden Design" exhibition in the "Sibexpocenter" finished by awarding of competition winners. The best gardeners of Irkutsk Oblast were presented diplomas and gifts. According to the exhibitors, four days passed quickly: round tables, master classes and meetings, conversations and lectures. Representatives of clubs had time to answer visitors' questions, and visit each other's stand. The program was intense, but nobody thought to complain of tiredness: gardeners' exhibition is held once a year.

"Vegetable garden. Garden. Garden Design" exhibition was a success. From morning until closing the flow of people were going to stands, tents and stalls. At the nearest stop from the "Sibexpocenter" for a few minutes there were so many people waiting for the tram like a forest grew: they were exhibition visitors taking home armfuls of seedlings, shrubs and houseplants. Nobody left without buying something: someone protectively carried a currant bush, others carefully put onions, paper bags of seeds into bags, third ordered a new greenhouse, fourth chose a honey to taste. By the way, it was very difficult to make a choice in favor of one type of honey it wanted to buy everything at once: buckwheat and floral honey, lime and mountainous honey, with bee-bread and without it, honey for blood pressure and heart, general health-improving and tonic honey.

"Vegetable garden. Garden. Garden Design" exhibition summarizing and rewarding of competition winners for workmanship and best practice in the field of horticulture, gardening, suburban agriculture and floriculture in Irkutsk Oblast were held on Friday, 23 August. In "Best stand design" category it was decided not to award prize-winning places and reward the authors of the most original compositions. In "Best garden plot" category the winner was Nadezhda Martsenyuk from Kuytun. The prize for "The most exotic fruit" was presented to Vladimir Kravtsov from Irkutsk — some years he planted an apricot tree, got a new variety and named it in honor of his wife "Kralina". This year "The most exotic vegetable" was "Bellflower" hot pepper grown by Tatiana Bugrova from Angarsk. New Zealand delphinium flower composition was found the most original in "Best bouquet decoration" category; its author is Pavlina Pavlova Irkutsk woman. Certificates and gifts were presented by Nikolai Elgert, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Irkutsk Oblast.

"Sibexpocenter" also prepared some decorations to exhibitors. Exhibition participants were awarded five gold and ten silver stars "For active work on variety testing and cultivation of fruit and vegetable crops", as well as for active work at the exhibition and exhibition design solution.

Representatives of clubs expressed their gratitude to "Sibexpocentre" for the organization and holding of the exhibition and attentive and responsive attitude to the participants.

"The most important thing for us is communication, and thanks to exhibition we talked, exchanged telephones, experience and seeds and got energy boost. Thank you very much!" gardeners said.

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